Published Treatises


Environmental Contamination: 
A Legal Perspective of Its Effects on Property Values


“Unfortunately, however, the issue of quantification, at least in New Jersey, is still unresolved. One of the reasons, however, that precious few decisions have been handed down on this issue is the apparent recognition by the municipal assessing community that the cost to cure does, indeed, have an effect on value.”

This environmental treatise, published in the International Association of Assessing Officers’ Issues Confronting Properties Affected by Contamination or Environmental Problemstextbook, focuses its attention on the government’s strict regulations of contamination and more specifically, how to quantify the effect that this contamination has on a subject property.

Through an examination of several case studies, this piece allows the reader to experience, step by step, how a contamination case is brought to trial and, specifically, what needs to be done to ensure a discount for the contaminated land in a legal system that has yet to conclude on one single quantification method.

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