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1994 - 1999

October 1999
Garippa, Lotz & Giannuario Annual Property Tax Seminar:
On October 15, 1999 Garippa, Lotz & Giannuario held its Third Annual Property Tax Seminar. If you missed the seminar, you may still obtain copies of the articles handed
out by emailing John. If you would like to receive an invitation for future Seminars, please let us know.

August 1999 
John E. Garippa, Esq. elected president of the APTC:
We are pleased to announce that our senior partner, John E. Garippa, has been elected president of the American Property Tax Counsel (APTC.).

June 1999 
APTC 1999 Seminar
Removing Intangibles and Obsolescence From Property Valuations
November 12-13, 1999, at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, AZ.

The advent of deregulation of utilities has made it imperative that certain valuation issues involving utilities be addressed. A number of states are in the process of deregulating their power sources and, we believe that valuation procedures and methodologies that prevailed in a regulated environment can no longer stand the test of market value valuations. The seminar addressed cutting edge issues involving intangibles and equipment.

For the first time, we concurrently addressed crucial issues including the latest developments in the valuation of shopping centers, hotels and office buildings and relate those to the new issues created by the deregulation of utilities.

Seminars are by invitation only; if you wish to be considered for invitation in the future, please e-mail and let us know.

February 1995 
Senior Parter, John Garippa, has been quoted in The New York Times, "Court Says Taxpayers Can Sue Over High Property Assessments." By Joseph F. Sullivan.